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In 2008, Terrapin released the All American Pilsner to celebrate the 2008 election, and the... More »
We recently celebrated three years of RecreationAle, which is pretty exciting. Not only was it... More »
Ever since we started canning in 2013 (with RecreationAle) we’ve been all about taking Terrapin... More »
  Terrapin’s newest spring seasonal, Gesundheit will be blanketing shelves soon. This Hefeweizen brings out... More »


We were tickled pink when this interesting recipe from Cheryl aka Brauista crossed our radar. We... More »
Terrapin fan Mike Jacobs posted this drool-inducing photo on Twitter, so of course we had... More »
Hoo boy, have we hit the sweet tooth jackpot right here. Picture this: Empanadas. Filled... More »
Certain beers just beg to be used in baking, and new year-round beer Liquid Bliss... More »
Saturday August 20th we'll be having a Special Event at the brewery! For tour tickets that day visit yourfest.eventbrite.com

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