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Terrapin Beer Co. Adds a Second Year-round Can  HI-5 IPA joins RecreationAle in aluminum  ... More »
Terrapin is excited to announce our much-anticipated 12th Anniversary Carnival Beer List! Take a look... More »
“What… is your quest?”** For Brewmaster Spike, the answer to that question has been the... More »
Turtle Saw No Shadow; Believes Groundhog “Delusional”, Admits This Week is a Fluke    Athens,... More »


Terrapin fan Lizzie Kilgore from right here in Athens shared this tasty cupcake recipe with... More »
Recently, we hosted a Terrapin Chili Cook-off at World of Beer-Westchase in Tampa, FL. While... More »
Babs, a craft-beer lover living in Atlanta, recently posted this recipe on her blog Babs.... More »
Election season is just around the corner, and so is the special Election Year release... More »
HI-5 CANAre you ready to #GimmeAHI5?

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  • More Advice on Opening Your Own Brewery
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    According to Collin McDonnell from Hen House Brewing, owning a brewery is 90% cleaning and 10% paperwork. He also says, and I quote, “HOLY HELL…

  • Wanna Open Your Brewery? Now is the Time!
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    So you want to open a brewery? That’s awesome! Craft beer is growing every day. There are now over 2,700 breweries in the US and another 1,700 i…

  • Terrapin says “Bring it on!” to 2014
     January 2014   0 Comments

    While I was out of the office all of last week with Spike, Dustin and Steve launching Terrapin in New Orleans and Baton Rouge (yeah that was a tough t…

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