Terrapin’s So Fresh & So Green, Green is hitting the stage at our Annual Hop Harvest Festival on October 20th with hops sourced hops from Hop Head Farms in Michigan.

Why Michigan? “We wanted to try hops from somewhere else in the US,” said Spike, Terrapin’s Brewmaster and Founder. “We found high-quality hops from Michigan and went for it.”

But wait, there’s more: Terrapin opened distribution in Michigan earlier this year. “It made sense for us to support Michigan’s budding hop industry. They’re closer to our home base, and they can enjoy So Fresh & So Green, Green,” explained Dustin Watts, President.

The hop of the year is Glacier. The hop brings a satisfying bitterness to So Fresh & So Green, Green’s malty sweetness. Glacier also brings notes of citrus and an herbal, woody aroma to the beer. Terrapin has never used Glacier in So Fresh & So Green, Green before, and Spike thought it’d be a fun hop: “We’re always looking for new hops that are freshest around when we need to brew the beer so that it’s ready in time for our Hop Harvest Festival. That means we have fewer hops to choose from, so we’re really excited about Glacier!”

So Fresh & So Green, Green has been the center of Terrapin’s Hop Harvest for the last 9 years. Past hops have included Citra, Equinox, Styrian Golding, Simcoe, and Centennial.

Join Terrapin in Celebrating nine years of wet hopped beers at Hop Harvest on October 20th at our brewery in Athens, Georgia. Tickets are available at www.terrapinbeer.com/hop-harvest

So Fresh & So Green, Green will be released throughout Terrapin’s distribution footprint, available in 6-packs of 12oz cans and on draft.