Meet Brandon Stull, our head brewer, lovable curmudgeon, and leader of movements such as “Purple Shirt Friday” and “Hawaiian Shirt Hump Day.” Yes, on Wednesdays half the brewery is decked out in Hawaiian shirts.

Brandon has been with Terrapin on the brewing since early summer 2006. He lives by his life motto: “‘Living the Dream on Paradise BLVD’ get it? ‘Cause the ’employee parking’ is off of Paradise BLVD? Who has a life motto?”

What’s your favorite Terrapin beer? The freshest.  BOOM! Mic Drop.

When you’re not drinking Terrapin beer, what are you drinking? COFFEE

Which Terrapin beer label art do you most relate to? None, I’m not a hippy.  What if you HAD to choose? Hopsecutioner, if I have to choose, because I like to play with sharp things.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in the craft beer industry? Don’t be a puddin’!  Earn your respect by working hard at all times. Also, clean, clean, clean.

If you could brew a beer with anyone, who would it be? Bob Ross

What’s your favorite Terrapin moment? 1. When we crossed into the “Regional Brewery” category. 2. Skits at the employee holiday party. (You’ll have to ask him exactly why in person…)

What is the Terrapin Tribe?

When Terrapin started it was a small group of employees… our Terrapin family if you will. Terrapin has grown at an amazing rate and that family has grown to include not only more employees, but also partners and collaborators such as Jittery Joe’s and Osprey. Each new contributor brings with them families of their own and the Terrapin family has become a group of many we now affectionately call the Terrapin Tribe.

In this series, we’ll introduce you to the hardworking individuals who make up the Terrapin Tribe. Dedicated contributors who work both in the spotlight and behind the scenes to collectively make Terrapin Beer Co. the brewery it is today, and shape what it will be tomorrow.

Want to join the Terrapin Tribe? Check out our careers page!