What’s Happening This Week?


Public tours of our facility every Wednesday through Saturday; 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Live music. Craft beer. ‘Nuf said.

What’s on Tap?

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Construction at Terrapin!

There’s some exciting stuff going on around here lately! We’re expanding our production facility all to make and package more beer for you guys. Soon we will also break ground on our new tour area which will feature a new gift shop and a great space to sample and learn about beer! In the meanwhile, we want to thank everyone for bearing with us during this construction and renovations phase! We are currently an outside only venue so dress for the weather but still still to have a great time listening to good music and very tasty beer!

Hop-backs Every Friday and Saturday!

“What’s a hop-back?”, you ask… Kate Lloyd- Tour Supervisor, Cask Mistress, and Hop-back Braniac- explains:

“Hop-backs are devices used to infuse draft beer. The beer line is attached using quick disconnects to a reservoir container. This container can be filled with a variety of media such as hops, fruit, herbs… anything with water and/or alcohol-soluble compounds. The beer is pushed through the media and collects flavors, then is filtered on the way out of the reservoir, goes through the beer line, out the faucet, and into your glass.”


What’s New in the Gift Shop?

  • Get all the coolest merchandise for Spring time beer drinking: new Hi-5 tackers and koozies are in, also new wayfarer shades and cooler slings!
  • View our Upcoming Events page to see into your future!
  • To inquire about holding an event here at the brewery, please visit Private Tours/ Fundraising Events.
  • We’re social! Follow us on Twitter at both @TerrapinTours and @TerrapinBeerCo, Instagram at @terrapinbeerco, and on Facebook!

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Terrapin Beer Co. 265 Newton Bridge Road, Athens Ga 30607


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