Lupulin Ladies

Lupulin Ladies!Lupulin Ladies 

Who are we? A women’s beer tasting and education group… Get out of your shell! Our mission is to give women a comfortable arena for exploring the expansive world of craft beer and provide a social network for women with craft beer as a common interest.
Each month’s meeting focuses around a specific beer style or beer-related-topic with the opportunity to learn the beer/style history, taste examples, and discuss all things beer (and all things not beer, too!). Lupulin Ladies combines two great things; a beer-tasting/education group and a Girls’ Night Out. We give women a forum for learning about and discussing craft beer, an industry still heavily dominated by men. While some education groups can be overwhelming by getting too technical, we focus primarily on basic education and on providing an opportunity for the average female beer lover to branch out and discover the huge variety of styles and flavors that make up the Beerniverse. As an added bonus, we’re a fun group of ladies!

Next Meeting!

Double IPA Tasting
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 –  6:30 pm  $15.99 per gal 

We here at Terrapin are known for being a bit into our hops. Of course, there’s a certain chewing gum out there that has the right idea, but who says we can’t borrow it? Double your pleasure, double your fun indeed!

Join us to sample a fine selection of tasty high-gravity Double IPAs, including Terrapin’s brand-new Rye Cubed Triple IPA (ok, well, that’s more than double but hey… go big or go home) and old favorite Hopzilla!

Be sure to arrange a ride home, ladies… this one could have you seeing double!

Click here for more info and to RSVP!

Take a gander at our Facebook page or contact us via email (  if you are looking for more information!


Let Us Tell You Your Future…

  • June 24 – Double IPAs
  • July 20 – Float the Broad..Can Party!
  • Aug. 26 – Mini Beer Dinner
  • Sept. 22 – Spiced Beers
  • Oct. 21 – Fresh Hop Beers
  • Dec. 16 – 3rd Annual Dirty Santa Holiday Party!

Our crystal ball isn’t always the clearest, so these dates and topics are subject to change. Visit the Facebook page for the most up-to-date information. 

Please email for more information or find us on Facebook!

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