Community Involvement and Sponsorships

Terrapin Beer Company recognizes the importance of community involvement and we are committed to lending a hand to our neighbors. It is one of the ways we give back to those who support us in our venture of bringing good beer to the people.

At Terrapin we receive numerous requests for donations and sponsorships throughout the year. Although we wish we could help everyone, it is more than we are able to handle. Instead of making haphazard decisions about which causes to support, we meet once per month to decide where our charity resources can best be allocated.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. In the State of Georgia, it is illegal for anyone to give or sell beer to anyone other than a licensed distributor. Due to this restriction, we cannot provide free beer – not even to licensed charities. If you are unhappy with this law, please contact your Georgia State Legislator.

2. The Terrapin crew enjoys getting out and talking with fellow beer lovers. So we are especially interested in events that allow us to meet and greet – preferably over a Terrapin brew. If you are only looking to put our logo on an advertisement, then we will most likely pass.

3. Ours is a crazy schedule as we have a myriad of activities and promotions going on year round. It takes time to work a new event into our busy schedule so please give us as much notice on your event as possible. Two months is the required minimum and even more time would be appreciated.

4. Terrapin’s sponsorship dollars must reflect our brand. That is really nothing more than us being who we are and doing what we like. If your event is the type of thing that we would enjoy going to on our own time, then we figure our fans will as well. If on the other hand it is not something that we would like to do, we figure we would be hard pressed to find any Terrapin drinkers there, and we will have to decline.

5. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests we get to sponsor teams, individuals, bands, etc., we decided it’s just too hard to pick. So, aside from a few family and friend’s teams and bands, we must decline these types of sponsorships.

6. In order to consider a contribution to your organization or event, we ask that you please send the information requested below in writing at least 60 days prior to the event.. The necessary information is as follows: date/time of event, contact person, number of people expected to attend, location, donation requested, beer sampling opportunities, signage opportunities, and media coverage expected. Use your best judgment to include any information that may be relevant.

Because there are certain liabilities we face when our name or products are associated with a public event, please be prepared to sign our indemnification agreement and acquire an event insurance rider with Terrapin Beer Company added as an additional insured before the contribution is complete. Also please understand that as a beer company we can not be involved with any events involving under age persons.

Thank you for considering Terrapin Beer Company in association with your event or fundraiser. If Terrapin Beer Company is able to fulfill your request we will contact you to work out the details. If we are not able to assist at this time, please understand that is nothing personal and we wish you the best of luck.

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