Terrapin fan Mike Jacobs posted this drool-inducing photo on Twitter, so of course we had to ask if he’d share his recipe with us. As Terrapin fans also tend to…. More »

Terrapin Beer Co. searched far and wide for the hop to beat all hops for the release of a brand new Monster Beer Tour brew. Hop Selection Double IPA will…. More »

Lovers of local craft beer, We are in need of some voices from people like you; our neighbors, friends, and supporters who have been such a huge part of our success….. More »

WHEN THE MOON/HITS YOUR EYE/ LIKE A BIG/ PIZZA P…. Ok , ok…  we’ll stop. Guess what? Saturday is Valentine’s Day (you’re welcome for the reminder… order those flowers now!)….. More »

Terrapin Beer Co. finished 2014 with yet another year of unprecedented growth. Twenty-seven unique beers hit shelves along with a number of collaborative beers which were released by partnering breweries….. More »

February 5, 2015 – Athens, GA As Terrapin Beer Co. continues on an upward trajectory, many may be wondering what the brewery has up its shell for the new year. 2014…. More »

We’re less than a week away from the biggest game in pro football! It’s a proven fact that beer and football belong together, and what with just about everyone you…. More »

Red Rye IPA is inaugural Seasonal Sessions can January 22, 2015 – Athens, GA   Terrapin Beer Co. has boldly stepped into 2015 with the release of Seasonal Sessions brew Mosiac Red…. More »

Come drink for the puppies! Join us at the brewery January 17th from 4:30 to 7:30 for a percentage night hosted by the GRACE Fund Pre-vet club benefiting the Athens…. More »

January 5, 2015 – Athens, GA The long-awaited indoor tasting room at Terrapin Beer Co. has officially opened for public tours and tastings. This new space will supplement the large…. More »




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    This is the suitcase I packed for my last trip of 2014. Where was I headed?   That’s right. It was my turn to do a collaboration brew! On t…

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    Perusing my personal Facebook page I noticed a friend had shared the latest blog posting of ThePourFool. The author offers a scathing criticism of t…

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    Thought I would share a bit of beer insider press. It carries some industry jargon and viewpoint but I hope you will find it interesting. This article…

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