Come out to the brewery May 8th from 4:30-7:30 to try our latest seasonal release: Maggie’s Peach Farmhouse Ale. Packed with 10 pounds of peach per barrel, this beer is…. More »

Maggie’s Peach Farmhouse Ale Ready for a Porch-sit   Terrapin Beer Co. welcomes the warm kiss of summer with the release of Seasonal Sessions beer Maggie’s Peach Farmhouse Ale. With…. More »

Terrapin Beer Co. celebrated their 13th birthday with a bang on Saturday, April 11 at the brewery in Athens, GA. The weather was perfect, the beer was flowing, and the…. More »

Terrapin Beer Co. has grown leaps and bounds since opening our Athens facility in 2007. From less than 5,000 BBLs that year to over 45,000K BBLs in 2014, we’ve been…. More »

Who is Ella? What do you think when you hear the name “Ella”? Do you hear the smooth-as-silk voice and impressive improvisations of the Queen of Jazz? Do you think,…. More »

April 1, 2015 – Athens, GA Terrapin Beer Co. knows that consumers want as many choices as possible when choosing a beer to share with their friends and family. In steps SKU…. More »

“Drink us, we’re Georgian!” Has a pretty good ring to it, eh? The day of shamrocks and shenanigans is here, though sadly it does fall on a school night this…. More »

With the help of all our friends and family in the craft beer universe, SB 63 (the Beer Jobs Bill) was voted through the Senate Regulated Industries Committee last Friday….. More »

We posted a few weeks ago about the Georgia Beer Jobs Bill, known as SB63. Today we’re asking for your help again. A vote is scheduled TOMORROW in the Senate…. More »

Terrapin fan Mike Jacobs posted this drool-inducing photo on Twitter, so of course we had to ask if he’d share his recipe with us. As Terrapin fans also tend to…. More »




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    This is the suitcase I packed for my last trip of 2014. Where was I headed?   That’s right. It was my turn to do a collaboration brew! On t…

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    Perusing my personal Facebook page I noticed a friend had shared the latest blog posting of ThePourFool. The author offers a scathing criticism of t…

  • Deeper Home Roots for Terrapin
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    Thought I would share a bit of beer insider press. It carries some industry jargon and viewpoint but I hope you will find it interesting. This article…

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