Hoo boy, have we hit the sweet tooth jackpot right here. Picture this: Empanadas. Filled with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Baked until warm and gooey. And then smothered in…. More »

 So Fresh & So Green, Green to Feature Fresh Simcoe Hops     ATHENS, Ga.- October 16, 2014 It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For five years now,…. More »

The wait is almost over!   Our 5th annual Hop Harvest Festival celebrating All Things Hoppy is on Saturday, October 11 from 4:30 – 8:30 pm. That’s less than 3 weeks away!  …. More »

Midnight Monk a Dark Spin on Retired Monster Beer   After four years of seeking revenge, Terrapin Beer Co.’ s Monster monk will turn the other cheek and instead seek…. More »

  Come out to the brewery August 29th from 5:30 to 7:30pm to sample great beers and support this organization that is entering it’s 36th year of serving the Athens…. More »

Krunkles is a legend, a hero, but still an enigma here at Terrapin. To this day, his delicious concoctions draw thoughts of wonder and curiosity as his liquid gold flows….. More »

Happy #IPADay! Every year on the first Thursday of August, we raise a glass of hoppy goodness and toast to the beer style that defines so much of who we…. More »

A new Reserve Series brew worthy of a toast to the Great Pumpkin himself is soon due for harvest from the tanks of Terrapin Beer Co. The Imperial Pumpkin Pie…. More »

Have you heard about our Instagram video contest? No?? Well, heck! Where ya been? We want you to #GimmeAHI5! We’re asking our microvideo-savvy fans to submit their most creative/whacky/dramatic/Oscar-worthy Instagram…. More »

Breezing in with a strong autumn tailwind comes Pumpkinfest, Terrapin Beer Co.’s long-adored Seasonal Sessions selection. Pumpkinfest encompasses an entire Thanksgiving spread in one tasty sip. Perfectly balanced pumpkin (real pumpkin!)…. More »




  • Deeper Home Roots for Terrapin
     August 2014   1 Comment

    Thought I would share a bit of beer insider press. It carries some industry jargon and viewpoint but I hope you will find it interesting. This article…

  • Brewery Sustainability
     May 2014   0 Comments

    I had the recent privilege of speaking on a panel titled “Inspiring Local Careers: Sustainable Athens”. This was hosted by the University…

  • More Advice on Opening Your Own Brewery
     March 2014   0 Comments

    According to Collin McDonnell from Hen House Brewing, owning a brewery is 90% cleaning and 10% paperwork. He also says, and I quote, “HOLY HELL…

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