So Fresh & So Green, Green

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This is a beer that celebrates the hop! You can’t get fresher or greener than this. Made with freshly picked, whole leaf, “wet hops” these off-the-vine beauties will encourage you to




We brew So Fresh & So Green, Green to celebrate the glorious hop! Hops are essentially the spice of beer, adding zest and complexity, bringing the beer to life. We want to show beer lovers the impressive range of flavors and aromas that hops can impart to a beer, which is one reason we do this one as a single-hop brew and change it up every year. We also want to celebrate the agricultural side of the beer industry; drinkers may love a brewery’s beers, but they may not consider the origins of the ingredients in their liquid of choice: our farms. The hard work our hop farmers do all season long shows in the hops that come out when they harvest; using fresh hops showcases their great work. So Fresh & So Green, Green is a farm-to-glass beer that celebrates everything about the hop from its farm fresh origins to its amazing flavor profiles to its greatest fans out there sharing this beer with friends.


ABV: 6.7%

OG: Varies by year

IBUs: Fresh Hops Huge!

Malt: 2-Row Pale, Maris Otter, Munich, Honey Malt, Crystal 85

Hops: Fresh “wet” hops flown in overnight from the Yakima Valley in Washington State! The hop changes each year.

2010: Amarillo
2011: Challenger
2012: Citra
2013: Centennial
2014: Simcoe
2015: Equinox
2016: Styrian Golding

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