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Have you heard? The laws are changing in Georgia!

The beer laws in Georgia are changing Septemeber 1st! As of that Friday, we’ll be able to serve more than 36oz of beer on site, and sell up to a case (288oz) per person of beer to take home. We’ll also be able to easily serve flights! Gone are the days of collecting hundreds of […]

Know Your IPA Day

In case you missed it, here at Terrapin, we’re all about IPAs for every occasion. Sometimes you’re looking for a bold hoppy beer to sip on in the evening (hello Hopsecutioner), and sometimes you’re looking for a beer that goes along with your favorite hobby (Hi-5’s all around). And sometimes you’re looking for a sessionable […]

RecreationAle in the Wild

We’ve shifted all RecreationAle into the new 15-pack. Why? Because we want you to be able to take more Terrapin on your adventures, whether it’s just to the backyard, or half way across the country. Here are some of our favorite RecreationAle photos from our fans, distributors, and employees: Show us how you #TakeTerrapin on […]

Terrapin’s New Brew Forecasts Hazy with a 100% Chance of Hops

Terrapin Beer Co’s Monster Beer Tour line is back with Cumulus Lupulus, an unfiltered Imperial IPA. The beer is a new variation of IPA for Terrapin, who’s best-selling beers are Hopsecutioner (an American IPA), Hi-5 (California Style IPA), and RecreationAle (Session IPA). Clocking in at 8.1% ABV, this brew boasts over four pounds of Amarillo, […]