Terrapin’s New Brew Forecasts Hazy with a 100% Chance of Hops

Terrapin Beer Co’s Monster Beer Tour line is back with Cumulus Lupulus, an unfiltered Imperial IPA. The beer is a new variation of IPA for Terrapin, who’s best-selling beers are Hopsecutioner (an American IPA), Hi-5 (California Style IPA), and RecreationAle (Session IPA).

Clocking in at 8.1% ABV, this brew boasts over four pounds of Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops per barrel. All of that hop flavor isn’t going anywhere. Since there’s no filtration, everything is bolder. Tropical, juicy aromas give way to a smooth bitterness and a full mouthfeel. “Over the last 15 years, we’ve brewed a ton of IPA styles, ranging from Session IPAs to Black Belgian IPAs, and everything in between. We’ve never done an unfiltered IPA before because it’s more fragile to package and distribute, so we’re excited to launch Cumulus Lupulus” says VP of Sales and Marketing, Dustin Watts.

Packing that many hops into the brew meant a shift in hop additions. The brewers shifted most of the hop editions to the whirlpool. “The goal of the late hop additions was to bring out the incredible aroma and flavors of the hops by not driving off oils and volatiles as well as not extracting too much bitterness” explains Jack Albanese, Terrapin’s Director of Operations. The beer is also dry hopped at three different stages to infuse even more hop aroma and flavor.

The beer is the first of three for the year in the Monster Beer Lineup, originally created after Georgia raised the ABV cap from 6.0% to 14%. Terrapin’s Monster Beer Tour is all about big, bold beers and Cumulus Lupulus doesn’t disappoint. This may be a big beer, but don’t let it sit! Because it’s unfiltered, the beer should be consumed soon after purchase.

Our first batch is shipping to the following states and distributors:

Georgia through United Distributors and North East Sales
Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami areas, (through J.J. Taylor, Champion, and Brown respectively)
Nashville, TN through Lipman.

*we will update this information as we brew more batches and ship to other states.